Klimek Wood Manufactory produces unique handmade floorboards. We guarantee the highest quality, exceptionality and naturalness.
At Klimek Wood Manufactory we work exclusively with oak wood which is durable and has a very classy look. Oak wood has been used for centuries to decorate castles and mansions in Europe and all around the world.
Our floorboards are specially made for each of our clients. Therefore, each floor has unique structure and details that give it exceptional character. 
The floorboards we produce are layered. They can be installed on top of the underfloor heating and in rooms with high humidity like bathrooms etc. Natural floors are not only elegant and classy but also good for your health - they are recommended for people with allergies. 
The wooden floor is “breathing” what has a positive impact on the quality of air in your house. We only use eco-friendly products to process wood. We DO NOT use any toxic adhesives or lacquers. The floorboards are protected with hard wax oil. Our floors are easy to clean and conserve. They go through a natural process of wood ageing. It is your decision if you want to keep the original oak colour or prefer a different shade. To change the colour of wood we also use only natural colourants. 
These are the examples of different floor colouring:

 Dąb naturalny miodowo-bielony

 Dąb naturalny

 Dąb naturalny bielony

 Dąb naturalny miodowy

 Dąb naturalny orzech

 Dąb naturalny szary

 Dąb Rustic grafitowy

 Dąb Rustic

 Dąb Rustic bielony

 Dąb Rustic czarny

 Dąb Rustic czarny-bielony

 Dąb Rustic szary

 Dąb Rustic wędzony

 Dąb szczotkowany bielony

 Dąb Rustic czekoladowy

We also accept special orders: 

 MG 1662

 MG 1662

 MG 1662

 MG 1662

 MG 1662

Standard measurements of our floorboards are:
- 14x150x700 mm, 
- 14x150x1200 mm.
Our philosophy is to always make our clients happy therefore, we are able produce floorboards in different sizes depending on your demands.

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Floors made by Klimek Wood Manufactory are definitely more than ordinary wooden floors. Here are the principles of our everyday work that make us unique!
- EXCEPTIONALITY - in floorboards production we combine traditional carpentry with modern technologies. Each floorboard is processed by hand in order to give it a colour and structure chosen by you.
- NATURALNESS - in every stage of production we use exclusively eco-friendly materials. Our floorboards are made of the highest quality oak wood. For colouring and protection we also use only natural, non-toxic products.
- QUALITY - we use exclusively oak wood which is known from its longevity. This type of wood is low-maintenance and gets more and more beautiful with age.

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Klimek Wood Manufactory offers handmade, layered floorboards in standard measurements: 14x150x700 mm and 14x150x1200 mm. Nevertheless, we are also able to produce different sizes.
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We work for individual clients as well as interior designers and business clients - everyone who appreciates the beauty and durability of oak wood.

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