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Floors made by Klimek Wood Manufactory are definitely more than ordinary wooden floors. Here are the principles of our everyday work that make us unique!
- EXCEPTIONALITY - in floorboards production we combine traditional carpentry with modern technologies. Each floorboard is processed by hand in order to give it a colour and structure chosen by you.
- NATURALNESS - in every stage of production we use exclusively eco-friendly materials. Our floorboards are made of the highest quality oak wood. For colouring and protection we also use only natural, non-toxic products.
- QUALITY - we use exclusively oak wood which is known from its longevity. This type of wood is low-maintenance and gets more and more beautiful with age.

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Klimek Wood Manufactory offers handmade, layered floorboards in standard measurements: 14x150x700 mm and 14x150x1200 mm. Nevertheless, we are also able to produce different sizes.
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We work for individual clients as well as interior designers and business clients - everyone who appreciates the beauty and durability of oak wood.

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Take a look at the final effects of our work. Click below and see the floors made by Klimek Wood Manufactory.





Klimek Wood Manufactory
Mobile: (+44) 7763 523 031
E-mail: biuro@klimekmd.pl
Address: ul. Piłsudskiego 104A,
33-340 Stary Sącz, Poland

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